PPWMS Conducted A "Plastic Waste Collection Awareness Workshop" For Waste Collectors, Promoting Responsible Waste Management

PPWMS Conducted A "Plastic Waste Collection Awareness Workshop" For Waste Collectors, Promoting Responsible Waste Management

Punjab Plastic Waste Management Society (PPWMS) recently organized an "Awareness Workshop for Waste Collectors on Plastic Waste Collection, Segregation, and Sanitation" in Rajpura, District Mohali, Punjab. This event aimed to promote responsible plastic waste management and sanitation practices among waste collectors and the local community. PPWMS collaborated with Sewa Bharti Rajpura for the successful execution of the workshop, and several key individuals from the community lent their support to this important cause.

The event, attended by dedicated waste collectors, included the distribution of essential supplies such as safety jackets, masks, gloves, Dettol soap, and refreshments. The support from Sewa Bharti and local leaders, including R S Gupta (President), Navdeep Arora (Patron), O P Gozia (Patron), Garjesh Kumar (General Secretary), Om Prakash Arora (Ambulance Incharge), Sandeep Kashyap (District Coordinator), and Sh. Gurdial Singh (President of Mirch Mandi), was instrumental in coordinating and facilitating the workshop.

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This initiative was part of PPWMS's mission, "Sadda Punjab, Swachh Punjab," which is dedicated to creating a cleaner environment in Punjab. PPWMS is a consortium of 31 multinational and Indian companies that have joined forces to strengthen the collection and segregation of plastic waste under the Mission LiFE (Livable, Inclusive, and Sustainable Environment) in Punjab.

To implement this mission effectively, PPWMS has appointed the Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) as the first recognized Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). IPCA has been actively involved in collecting plastic waste, specifically Multi-Layered Plastic (MLP) waste, on behalf of PPWMS since 2018. In the last fiscal year alone, they successfully collected 12,000 metric tons of plastic waste from seven cities in Punjab. This not only contributes to environmental preservation but also reduces CO2 emissions, supporting broader sustainability goals.

Under the "Sadda Punjab, Swachh Punjab" mission, PPWMS also focuses on Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) activities for waste collectors, in collaboration with municipal councils and corporations. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the commitment of PPWMS and its partners to improving waste management, promoting environmental responsibility, and creating a cleaner and more sustainable Punjab. The workshop participants pledged to make a difference in their lifestyles and contribute to a cleaner environment by actively participating in the segregation of plastic and kitchen waste.

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