Panchkula's Mega Dog Show Kicks Off With Rottweiler & Labrador Champions Claiming Top Honors

Panchkula's Mega Dog Show Kicks Off With Rottweiler & Labrador Champions Claiming Top Honors

The Royal Kennel Club in Panchkula kicked off its highly anticipated 3rd and 4th Championship Dog Show, a grand two-day event organized under the auspices of the Pet Animal Health Society, Sector 3, and the Animal Husbandry Government of Haryana. The inaugural day unfolded at the showground, strategically located opposite Hotel Holiday Inn in Sector 3, Panchkula.

The spotlight of the event shone brightly on the majestic Rottweiler and Labrador breed dogs, captivating enthusiasts and participants from every corner of the country. The competitive spirit was palpable as these magnificent dogs showcased their prowess across various categories. The extravaganza is set to continue on the following Sunday, featuring an impressive lineup of over 250 dogs spanning more than 50 diverse breeds, promising an exhilarating experience for canine aficionados.

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An esteemed international jury presided over today's competitions, with Mr. Madhawan, President of the Rottweiler Club of Malaysia, Mr. Aleksandar Krstic, a Labrador retriever specialist judge from Serbia, and Mr. Park Hurncheol, a Rottweiler speciality Judge from Korea. Their discerning eyes ensured that only the most deserving dogs would clinch the coveted titles.

The grand finale and prize distribution ceremony are scheduled for tomorrow, providing a fitting conclusion to this spectacular dog show. Mr. Sikandar Singh, the General Secretary of the Royal Kennel Club, highlighted the massive participation in the speciality competitions for Rottweiler and Labrador dogs. Owners and their prized canines traveled from far and wide, representing regions such as Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and the Tricity.

Vice President Mr. Sarvpreet Chadha expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming day, anticipating a treat for dog lovers. Tomorrow's events promise a diverse array of dog breeds, some valued at lakhs of rupees. With the anticipation of numerous VIP guests and bureaucrats attending, the Dog Show in Panchkula is poised to become a memorable celebration of canine excellence and companionship.

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