YouTube AI Tool Enables Viewers To Answer Questions About The Videos They're Watching Without Interruptions

Nov 7, 2023 - 22:01
YouTube AI Tool Enables Viewers To Answer Questions About The Videos They're Watching Without Interruptions
Image Source: Google

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is conducting experiments with conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tools aimed at enhancing the viewer experience. These AI tools are designed to provide answers to questions about the video being watched, offer recommendations for related content, and facilitate smoother interactions with the platform, all without disrupting video playback.

Currently, this AI tool is being tested with a limited audience on selected videos, and YouTube has announced its intention to expand the experiment to YouTube Premium members in the United States who use Android devices in the coming weeks. To access this tool, participants can tap the "Ask" button located below specific videos, enabling them to inquire about the content or choose from suggested prompts.

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In addition to the conversational AI tool, YouTube is also exploring another AI feature designed to summarize comment conversations related to its videos. This AI-driven technology organizes lengthy comment sections on long-form videos into coherent and easily digestible themes. Users involved in this experiment will see a new option to sort comments by topics when they access the comment section on mobile devices.

The comment summaries generated by this AI system can be valuable for content creators, allowing them to efficiently engage in discussions with their audience or find inspiration for new content based on the topics viewers are discussing. Creators have the ability to remove specific comment topics by deleting individual comments associated with those themes.

These experiments are currently limited to videos in English with extensive comment sections, but they signify YouTube's ongoing efforts to leverage AI to enhance user engagement, facilitate content creation, and provide a more seamless viewing experience.