Ramnavami Yagya Mahotsav Day 2: The Significance of Perception in Spiritual Revolution

Apr 17, 2024 - 18:55
Apr 17, 2024 - 19:04
Ramnavami Yagya Mahotsav Day 2: The Significance of Perception in Spiritual Revolution
Ramnavami Yagya Mahotsav

On the second day of the Ram Navami Yagya Mahotsav organized at Satyug Darshan Vasundhara, Shri Sajan Ji urged people who were present in the festival to be wise as they navigate through the complexities of life. He explained that this world, which is created by the power of God and nature, is a mix of virtues and defects influenced by natural qualities like (Satogun, Rajogun, and Tamogun) To put it simply, he wants to say that in life, there are both good and bad parts, and a man is free to embrace any one of them according to his intelligence.

The thing of utmost importance that we all need to grasp is that growth and upliftment are only possible when our choices are based on rationality; if not, it can lead to problems and setbacks in life. The meaning is that only a wise person, like a clever swan can see the beauty and imperfections of the world and let go of things that don't matter.

Further elaborating, Shri Sajan ji explained that only a rational person can understand that the world we see, with all its different things, isn't actually real. In reality, there is no real existence, and it's all just an illusion. Brahma, who doesn't have a physical appearance, is behind all this. Brahma is both the essential reason and the core of this world. Everything else that appears is unreal, meaningless, and false. 

Therefore, by telling right from wrong, a person adopts good qualities like being happy with what they have, patience, truthfulness, religion, selflessness, altruism, forgiveness, renunciation, strength, defecation, self-control, morality, justice, non-violence, and letting go of selfish desires.
An individual who has control over their cravings for food, sleep, fear, etc. can truly be called a human being. In this way, humanity emerges when logical thinking wins over negative and violent emotions and when all the activities and efforts of the mind are based on reason.

Shri Sajan ji made it clear to the people present that life offers you two paths. One is the route of indiscretion without thought, while the other is the wise path of thoughtful decisions. One path leads to getting trapped in the world by forming one's opinion as per one's wish without examining the truth or lying.
The other path leads you to freedom from worldly thoughts through a clear mind. One is Kavalada, a path full of difficulties, and the other is Savalda, a pleasant path of victory. One path involves making mistakes through blind actions, leading to adverse consequences, while the other path involves understanding one's true self and leads to ultimate fulfillment. 

Both paths are totally different, but the better one among them is the path of careful thinking and wisdom. Only those who freely choose this path and follow it, by attaining correct and clear knowledge of truth and untruth, can remain free from the negative side effects of the world around them.
By understanding the teachings of Brahma found in the Vedas and scriptures, one can become a thoughtful person. Just like a fair and confident person, one can become capable of living a detached life, perform every religious task of one's life without being attached to the outcome, remain free from the path of harmful action, and prove one's excellence in human form.

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Shri Sajan ji encouraged everyone to aim for greatness and excellence in being human. He advised people who were present there to develop a feeling of oneness not only in themselves but also in their children from an early age. Here, the feeling of oneness means grasping the feeling of similarity, equality, or integrality and feeling within oneself that God is omnipresent. By grasping this feeling of unity, the vicious feelings of dualism will end and truth will develop in the mind. With the development of truth, the mind will become calm and concentrated, while your intellect will become pure, which will lead to the development of prudence. 

As soon as this happens, your thoughts and meditation will become stable in the self, and you will feel that sense of fairness in everything you do, both internally and externally as well.