Ram Navami Celebrated With Massive Parade On The Eve Of Yagya Mahotsav

All the devotees attending this festival give importance to the concept of personal character building considering the natural text of Satvasta as the basis. 

Apr 16, 2024 - 17:11
Apr 16, 2024 - 17:37
Ram Navami Celebrated With Massive Parade On The Eve Of Yagya Mahotsav
Ram Navami Yagya Mahotsav 2024

In the courtyard of Satyug Darshan Vasundhara, village Bhupani, Faridabad, happiness and joy were spread everywhere on the occasion of Ram Navami Yagya. On the auspicious occasion of this annual festival, a special parade was also organized. The fact that the center point of faith and belief of thousands of devotees from this country and abroad is neither anybody nor any picture is surprising but true. All the devotees attending this festival give importance to the concept of personal character building considering the natural text of Satvasta as the basis. 

During the discussion, it was discovered that everyone holds this ancient book in high regard because it gives a precise elaboration of what the future era, known as Satyayuga will be like.  In the remarkable parade during the festival, the natural text of Satvastu is leading the way, accompanied by the bands expressing reverence and faith on both sides of the route, behind the well-equipped child artists in white clothes and happy mood expressing their heartfelt expressions through various dance styles. There were long queues of thousands of devotees walking wearing gulanari scarf. The beauty of the entire Vasundhara courtyard was an unmissable spectacle 

The entire atmosphere was full of pleasure and happiness. In the same blissful atmosphere, as soon as the procession reached 'Dhyan-Kaksh', the school of equanimity and equanimity, the guide of the Trust, Shri Sajan ji said that in order to bring about a comprehensive moral change in the world, as per the orders of nature, today and from now onwards, there will be a commencement of a spiritual revolution. Therefore, gentlemen, as soon as you have time, purify your conduct, thoughts, and behavior and connect these thoughts with meditation, and then connect this meditation with light, fully focus your mind on God with utmost honesty so that when you see yourself, you can feel extreme happiness.

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Shri Sajan ji continued and said that this spiritual revolution is dedicated to bringing quick natural changes in social life. Therefore, overcome the unrighteous distorted negative ideologies adopted over the ages, become familiar with and gain knowledge about the importance of natural spiritual knowledge, and understand the reality of the soul and God based on inherent discretion. This will help you in becoming capable of self-liberation. This is also the demand of the times today and only after fulfilling this demand, you will be successful in adopting your original civilization i.e. Golden Age code of conduct, and according to the method of equanimity and equanimity, you will be successful in paving the way on the selfless path of truth and religion, ultimate peace. You can achieve this by establishing and spreading the rule of good deeds in the entire universe, and you can make the foundation of Sajan Yuga firm. 

Shri Sajan ji said that only when  all of this happens, the flag of religion be waved again and the mother India, buried under the burden of sins and crying, can rejoice again and be proud of the bravery that her brave sons showed and say:-
Long live revolution, long live revolution, long live revolution

Shri Sajan ji further added that to bring such an enormous and meaningful change in the country, especially at the social level, we not only have to give up the distortions of the subject but also adopt great virtues like equanimity, contentment, patience and follow the path of truth and religion. But it also hopes to establish the example of Nishang heroes who walk steadily with a spirit of selflessness and altruism. Consequently, to accomplish such a task, you have to bring natural changes in yourself, and that can only be done when you carefully observe your qualities/defects, goodness/badness, and strengths/weaknesses, and eliminate all the negative qualities you possess through self-control. By doing all this, you can have complete control over your mind and senses which will eventually lead to your own self-improvement and self-victory by refining your personality/character.

In the end, Shri Sajan ji said that for the success of the spiritual revolution, you have to give more importance to self-knowledge than material knowledge. From this day on, leave the dark path of ignorance and move to the lighted path of knowledge, and the person who cheerfully performs all his duties with a devoted spirit for the sake of God is called a dutiful, obedient son of God.