Amazon Aims To Replace Android-Based Fire OS With A New Operating System, Vega, On Fire TVs!

Amazon Aims To Replace Android-Based Fire OS With A New Operating System, Vega, On Fire TVs!
Image Source: Amazon

Amazon is reportedly planning a significant shift away from its reliance on Google's Android operating system for its Fire TVs and other devices. The company is said to be developing a new operating system, internally referred to as Vega, which is currently in advanced stages of development and may debut on supported devices as early as 2024, according to the Lowpass newsletter.

The move is seen as part of Amazon's long-term strategy to establish its own operating system, distinct from Android, and reduce dependence on Google's ecosystem. This transition has been in the works for years, with discussions between Amazon and chipmakers dating back to 2017. Recent reports indicate that development efforts for the new OS, Vega, have gained momentum.

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An Amazon employee revealed on a tech worker forum that the company is working on an operating system described as an "iOS / Android competitor for all devices and IoT" and mentioned that the development is in its final stages. While details about Vega remain scarce, it is expected to replace the current Android-based Fire OS on devices such as Fire TVs, Fire TV sticks, Echo Show smart displays, and Fire tablets.

The existing Fire OS, based on open-source Android, has evolved through various versions, with Fire OS 8 being built on Android 10 and Android 11. Amazon has reportedly informed select partners about the impending transition to the new OS, signaling a significant shift in its device ecosystem.

Although there is no official confirmation from Amazon regarding Vega or its launch timeline, the report suggests that the new operating system could make its debut on select devices as early as next year. This strategic move by Amazon aligns with its ambition to have greater control over the software stack on its devices and potentially create a more integrated and seamless user experience across its product lineup. As the development of Vega progresses, more details are expected to emerge, shedding light on Amazon's vision for its proprietary operating system and its impact on the competitive landscape.

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