Ramnavami Yagya Mahotsav Day 4: The Importance of Self-Realization in the Spiritual Awakening

This knowledge helps us to let go of our selfish desires and be kinder to others. The message he was trying to convey was that we should see the bigger picture of life. 

Apr 18, 2024 - 01:05
Apr 18, 2024 - 01:00
Ramnavami Yagya Mahotsav Day 4: The Importance of Self-Realization in the Spiritual Awakening
Ramnavami Yagya Mahotsav

On the fourth day of the Rama Navami festival, Shri Sajan ji shared some deep thoughts about finding true happiness through self-realization. Talking about today's world, Shri Sajan Ji said that people these days chase materialistic things for the purpose of finding happiness. Shri Sajan ji said that true happiness comes from getting in touch with your inner self. The key to finding ultimate fulfillment in this life is achieving self-realization. Instead of only caring about their physical appearance, their possessions, and their success, they should walk on the path of spirituality.

This knowledge helps us to be kind and gentle towards others, and it eliminates any selfish desire we possess. We get detached from all the materialistic things we chase all our lives and set our sights on achieving something far more valuable.
Shri Sajan Ji was trying to convey the message of having a broader perspective and seeing the bigger picture in life to all the people present there. Shri Sajan Ji explained that self-realization means getting to know deeply about yourself and having the realization that there is something eternal and divine present inside every one of us.

Shri Sajan Ji encouraged and inspired everyone to think deeply about spiritual things and grow on a spiritual level. We should not just read about it; we should put the knowledge we have to good use. We have to realize the importance it holds for us and put it into practice.

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Shri Sajan Ji said that we should consider the divine as our guide on the path of life. This will help us to understand that doing good things for others without expecting anything in return is the key to making ourselves happier internally. This change won't come from just doing good deeds; we have to change our perspective about this world and our place in it. Although this journey will be difficult and full of setbacks, the struggle we go through during it will be valuable.

Realizing oneself entails traveling the path of ultimate fulfillment. It's similar to finding a peaceful, quiet area amid a hectic, chaotic area. Self-realization is the quickest and most straightforward path to realizing who you are and what you can do to improve yourself to the fullest extent possible. We ought to live according to spiritual precepts, as doing so would enable us to achieve genuine life balance and make a positive impact on the world.