Rahul Gandhi Admits Congress Mistakes; Will He Address Them If In Government?

It is possible that many such decisions are taken after coming into government which were never possible for the old Congress.

May 14, 2024 - 20:53
May 14, 2024 - 19:47
Rahul Gandhi Admits Congress Mistakes; Will He Address Them If In Government?
Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has recently taken a major political step by admitting the mistakes of the Congress party. It is a very courageous act for the supreme leader of any party or organization to admit his mistakes. With Rahul Gandhi saying that his party will have to change its politics in the near future, he has given a hint that could mean many things. This simply means that if they come to power, the party can take decisions with far-reaching consequences. It is possible that many such decisions are taken after coming into government which were never possible for the old Congress. So should it be expected that the party and the government can make such decisions if Rahul Gandhi sits on the PM's chair?

Does Rahul Consider It A Mistake Not To Implement The Mandal Commission Report?

The way Rahul Gandhi has been continuously talking about caste enumeration and giving rights to the backward classes for the last one year, it seems that he is somehow regretting the Congress for suppressing the Mandal Commission. Everyday Rahul is heard saying that how many people are from backward and scheduled castes among the people responsible for making government schemes? It is obvious that the condition of backward castes and Dalits was not very good even before the Modi government. It means that they are angry with their own party governments. Because even the Congress governments have not been able to create a system in which there are enough of them among the people responsible for making decisions for Dalits and backward people.
In the same speech in Lucknow where Rahul acknowledged the mistakes of the Congress, he also said that the future of a large number of people in the country is decided before birth. Rahul said, people are divided into small segments, which determines what work they are capable of doing and what work society has done for them. How much capacity is lost in this?

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From this speech of Rahul, it seems that he will take strict measures to end the existing caste system. It is possible that their move could be more than extending the boundary line of reservation. If he can do this, it will naturally be said that Rahul Gandhi's speech in Lucknow was not just a statement.

Will you apologize for the emergency?

The way Rahul Gandhi's grandmother Indira Gandhi abolished all civil rights in the country by imposing Emergency in 1975. Rahul Gandhi said in March 2021 at an event at Cornell University that the Emergency imposed by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from 1975 to 77 was a mistake and everything that happened during that period was wrong not only by Rahul Gandhi but also by time Congress leaders have admitted that The imposition of emergency was a big mistake of the then Congress government. It is to be expected that if Rahul comes to power, he will take some steps to ensure that civil rights are always preserved. It is seen that many civil rights are disappearing indirectly. 

Do You Consider Economic Liberalization As A Mistake Of Congress?

Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking the leading capitalists of the country, Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani. He has been continuously saying that the capital of the country is accumulating in the hands of some special people. Rahul says that Congress has made some mistakes. This could mean that Rahul Gandhi regrets the economic liberalization done by Narasimha Rao when he was PM. Because since 1991, the number of billionaires in the country is continuously increasing. The names of Ambani-Adani etc. are included among the world's leading industrialists. Many such decisions were taken under the leadership of Manmohan Singh during the UPA government which proved effective in increasing the wealth of capitalists in the country. Rahul Gandhi says that the party will have to change its politics in the future, if the government is formed under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, will he bring the law that his guide Sam Pitroda wants? Congress Manifesto also has some things that talk about preventing the accumulation of capital in the hands of certain people, it should be expected that when Rahul Gandhi forms his government he will make such socialist decisions that will benefit the capitalists this place will benefit the common man.

Do You Consider Non-Reservation On Religious Grounds Wrong?

Recently, Rahul Gandhi has expressed sympathy not only for the backward people but also for the plight of minorities in the country. It is obvious that the reason for the plight of Muslims is not the last 10 years of the Modi government. Congress rule has also been behind the deterioration of the condition of Muslims, it is possible that among the mistakes that Rahul has accepted, he considers mistakes like not giving reservations to Muslims on religious grounds. The party's manifesto also has several schemes for minority welfare.