Parinda Paar Geyaa Trailer Review: A Dull Echo of "Rockstar"

Gurnam Bhullar's debut in the Punjabi film industry, the trailer leaves much to be desired.

Nov 14, 2023 - 21:45
Nov 15, 2023 - 07:50
Parinda Paar Geyaa Trailer Review: A Dull Echo of "Rockstar"
Parinda Par Gaya

The much-anticipated trailer of Gurnam Bhullar's upcoming film, "Parinda Par Gaya," has hit the screens, stirring a blend of excitement and disappointment among fans. As the release date approaches, the initial enthusiasm has taken a nosedive after witnessing a trailer that fails to deliver the promised emotional intensity. Despite the hype surrounding Gurnam Bhullar's debut in the Punjabi film industry, the trailer leaves much to be desired.


"Parinda Par Gaya" seems to tread on the familiar grounds of a painful love story, mirroring the essence of films we've seen before. The narrative revolves around a desolate young man grappling with the anguish of separation from his girlfriend. While the trailer attempts to portray the depth of his emotions, it falls short in offering anything groundbreaking. The plotline is reminiscent of Bollywood's "Rockstar," a movie that masterfully blended heartbreak and music. Unfortunately, "Parinda Par Gaya" appears to be a mere echo of the past, lacking the originality needed to captivate the audience. Gurnam Bhullar, alongside Gurnazar Chatha and Esha Sharma, is set to make her Punjabi film debut in "Parinda Par Gaya." The film, slated for release on November 24, promises an intriguing cast.


The trailer fails to create the anticipated impact, leaving viewers questioning the uniqueness of the storyline. Gurnam Bhullar's presence, though promising, seems underutilized, and the glimpses of his performance fail to stand out. The attempt to showcase a painful love story feels forced, and the emotional depth one expects from such a theme is sorely missing.

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The film's association with the title "Superstar" adds an ironic touch, as the trailer doesn't provide any evidence to support such a claim. The scenes presented in the trailer lack the authenticity required to establish a genuine connection with the audience. The cinematography, while decent, does little to salvage the overall lackluster impression.


"Parinda Par Gaya" appears to be a missed opportunity to bring forth a compelling narrative in the Punjabi film industry. The echoes of "Rockstar" are too prominent to ignore, and the trailer fails to instill confidence in the film's ability to offer a fresh perspective on the pain of lost love. As the release date looms, one can't help but hope that the film itself will deliver more substance than what the trailer suggests. Until then, the disappointment among Gurnam Bhullar's fans is palpable, with the fervent desire for a more authentic and engaging cinematic experience.