Global Middas Foundation (GMF) In Punjab Offers Cancer Care & Drug Abuse Healthcare Langar Sewa

Nov 4, 2023 - 20:13
Jan 5, 2024 - 21:15
Global Middas Foundation (GMF) In Punjab Offers Cancer Care & Drug Abuse Healthcare Langar Sewa
Global Middas Foundation

The Global Middas Foundation (GMF), a charitable organization based in Delhi, has been dedicated to serving the community for the past three years, rooted in Sikh values of "Sarbat Da Bhala" (the well-being of all) and "Chardi Kala" (ever-rising spirits). As part of their healthcare langar sewa (community service), they have initiated numerous programs aimed at improving the healthcare landscape. These efforts include organizing health camps, distributing health cards for affordable healthcare treatments, and creating informative video series on topics like Cancer Care, Drug Abuse, IVF, Kidney Care, and Dialysis.

GMF has now unveiled an ambitious plan to establish a comprehensive cancer care awareness, detection, and treatment setup in 23 districts of Punjab, in collaboration with Arihant Hospital in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The primary objective is to reach the grassroots level in every district, including villages and towns, by adopting a hub-and-spoke model for cancer care. This initiative represents a significant step towards building a charitable social healthcare infrastructure.

The project's implementation plan has been submitted for review to various authorities, including Cabinet Ministers of the Central Government, Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) in Delhi, the National Commission for Minorities (NCM), the Delhi Minorities Commission, Sikh organizations like SGPC, DSGMC, and Shiromani Akali Dal, as well as MPs and MLAs in Punjab, and the Chief Minister's Office in Punjab.

In addition to their cancer care initiative, GMF has also presented a blueprint for addressing drug abuse and addiction issues in Punjab. This comprehensive plan includes conducting awareness and detection campaigns, establishing online assistance and helpline services, and setting up drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centers in each district of Punjab.

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Sardar Inder Preet Singh, the founder of GMF, emphasizes that these initiatives not only aim to improve healthcare but also to create opportunities for skill development and employment for the youth of Punjab. Through collaboration with Arihant Hospital and the Dev Bhumi Educational Society, GMF plans to provide training, skill development, and education to empower the local youth, enabling them to actively participate in these vital projects.

In summary, GMF, a charitable organization inspired by Sikh principles, is taking significant steps to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare services in Punjab, addressing critical issues like cancer care and drug addiction while simultaneously offering skill development and employment opportunities for the local youth.