Global Middas Foundation (GMF) & Arihant Hospital Provide Nationwide Healthcare Support To Khalsa & Gurmat Institutions

Sep 19, 2023 - 18:49
Jan 5, 2024 - 21:17
Global Middas Foundation (GMF) & Arihant Hospital Provide Nationwide Healthcare Support To Khalsa & Gurmat Institutions
Image Source: Global Middas Foundation (GMF) & Arihant Hospital

Chandigarh: Sardar Inder Preet Singh, the founder of the GMF (Gurmat Medicos Foundation), has taken a significant step towards improving healthcare access and awareness for those affiliated with Khalsa and Gurmat Education Institutions across India. This initiative aims to provide comprehensive healthcare support through a variety of means.

One of the primary components of this endeavor is the organization of health camps, which will facilitate preventive care and treatment assistance. Expert doctors will be available to provide medical guidance and support, supplemented by educative and informative video series to spread awareness about various health issues. Additionally, helpline numbers will be established to offer immediate assistance, and healthcare surveys will help identify specific needs.

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Furthermore, the initiative will ensure access to investigation and treatment facilities for a wide range of medical conditions, including but not limited to Cancer, Cataracts, Heart attacks, IVF, kidney transplants, and dialysis. Arihant Hospital in Dehradun has partnered with GMF to provide these services, offering up to a 30% concession discount and priority treatment to beneficiaries holding the special health card issued by GMF.

In its initial phase, this project will cover Punjab, Delhi, and Uttarakhand, with plans for further expansion. The beneficiaries of this initiative include students, teaching and non-teaching staff, alumni, and their family members associated with Khalsa and Gurmat education institutions. The objective is to make charitable, affordable, and timely healthcare services accessible to all without requiring any specific recommendation or referral.

To obtain the health card and access these benefits, interested individuals can visit GMF's Facebook page, use the provided helpline numbers, or visit the Sadda Khirda Punjab Youtube channel and Arihant Hospital's website. This collaborative effort between GMF and Arihant Hospital aims to promote the well-being of the Sangat and Panth